Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Clifty Falls State Park

I finally made it to Clifty Falls State Park.  It is known as "One of the best hikers' parks in Indiana."

The park is located at: 1501 Green Road, Madison, Indiana 47250.  Park entrances can be found on State Roads 56 and 62.

The park has 13 miles of rugged trails.  And they're not joking when they say "rugged", when describing the trails. Be warned.

Big Clifty Falls - the point where Clifty Creek drops more than 70 feet to Clifty Canyon, then drops another 250 feet in the last three miles into the Ohio River.  There are cliffs all along the creek, with four major waterfalls.

There are two railroad tunnels, known as "Brough's Folly".  Railroad construction began in 1852, but was never completed due to financial struggles.  The tunnels may be closed seasonally, to protect the wildlife (bats) that live in the tunnels.

The park encompasses 1512 acres of land.

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  • Inn
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